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Our Adult Leaders

Donald B “Don” Hightower


Prior to joining Troop 1323, I was an Assistant Den Leader and Cubmaster with Pack 1325. I became an adult Scouter for the simple reason that—after my parents—Scouting was easily the most important influence on my life before I went to college. Scouting gave me confidence and a place where I could fit in at a critical stage in my personal development. It also gave me my first opportunities to grow as a leader. The desire to create these same experiences for every boy who enters our Scout Hut motivates everything that I do in my role with Troop 1323.

Todd Rinaldo

Assistant Scoutmaster – Life To Eagle Coach

Background to be added

Juli Cash-Loera

Assistant Scoutmaster

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Douglas R “Doug” Angevine

Senior Assistant Scoutmaster

Frederick J “Fred” Anders

Assistant Scoutmaster

Glynn Johnson

Assistant Scoutmaster – Webmaster

George Abercrombie

Assistant Scoutmaster – Outdoor Activities Coordinator

Additional Assistant Scoutmasters

James Kane

Ed McLendon

Thomas Mazingo

Tom Glave – Summer Camp Coordinator

Michael Lee, Sr

John Ostermann

Brian McDaniel

Cory Waldrop

Committee Members

Christopher Bir – Chairperson

Allison Ostermann – New Member Coordinator

Stephanie Johnson – Advancement Chair

Jennifer Gibbs – Advancement Coordinator

David Reisinger – Treasurer

Misty Malone – Parent Coordinator

Michelle Pentifallo – Merit Badge Coordinator

Cameron Kelman – Mulch Fundraising

TBD – Training Coordinator

Jennifer Rinaldo – Secretary

Tim Hanes – Shooting Sports Coordinator

Ritch Malone – Outdoor Coordinator

Glynn Johnson – Webmaster

Charles R “Chip” Kelman – Committee Member

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